Dr. Suchi Patel, Physiotherapist, Ahmedabad

Dear ma’am
About the course details and contents and management- the whole concept about pregnancy is covered very well and in detailed for those who are not from medical background as well. The management to complete the class on time is perfect and very well managed and I do appreciate that. The purpose is getting fulfilled
About Dr. Sonalee Durve- teaching medical subject to non medical people in basic language is not easy but she has made it really easy. The live examples are too good and her interpersonal relationship with others is really very good. She never gets bored with answering all questions of others. Teaching theory and making it interesting is one of the best qualities.
About Shushma ma’am-  teaching yoga online is difficult but she has made it really easy and I am impressed the way she is going on her way. Good luck ma’am and hope to have the best institute of yours in India soon. She has become my role model to learn yoga as well now. Thank you so much because of you I have gained interest in yoga .
Thank you so much  both of you.