Tripti Sarmalkar

Hi, I have been student of Ms. Sushama Maurya from Aarambh Yoga since more than 6months.
I must say that my learning since then has been immensely enriched with all aspects of Yoga- the detailed theory: the sutras, the upnishads, the Yama and Niyamas. Also her attention to detail of Yoga postures has enhanced my knowledge which I have been then able to pass on to my students.
I appreciate not just her knowledge but also her zeal and endeavor to ensure I become a better teacher of Yoga.
A special mention towards knowledge and practice that she ensured for Shat Kriya has been a big value add to me as a Yoga practitioner.
She practices great deal of preparation before each class and ensures that I am also well prepared to attend.
I am confident that her knowledge and teaching would make me a better Yoga teacher.
My best wishes and gratitude would always remain.