About Us


‘Aarambh’ – the meaning of this word is ‘to start’. The word itself holds a gripping tale of everything. As we all know, everything needs to begin to complete it. That’s why we took this name “Aarambh Yoga.” It motivates us to start something good today to end it in a better way tomorrow.

Our motive is to make people believe that if they start doing Yoga today, they can change their lives forever. Aarambh is a very intriguing term to adopt in life. It makes us feel positive, hopeful, strong and focused.

Our objective is to bring people the positives of implementing and practicing Yoga into their day to day life. Yoga is a collaboration of the mind, body, and soul with its origination based in India. It is practiced to bring out the inner strength, flexibility, and calmness in an individual, which includes asanas, pranayama, and meditation practices.


We see yoga as something more than developing a more beautiful or stronger body, or a mind that can concentrate better.With the training we try to do justice to the original meaning of yoga and to always translate the old texts into the present time. What can you do with it now, how does it fit you now? You will get all your answers here.

Aarambh Yoga provides various in-depth and inspiring yoga training and workshops. These give you knowledge, insight, and confidence, along with fitness and good health.

Furthermore, there are also regular yoga trainings to let you grow and flourish even more in your yoga experience. Whether you are looking to deepen your Yoga practice, or are looking for traditional Yoga inspiration as a Yoga teacher or practitioner, then you are at the right place at Aarambh Yoga.