Mission And Vision


To Enlighten the world with the authentic knowledge and practices from ancient yoga texts and scriptures by promoting and spreading yoga especially amongst youths and young aspirants to make them consider yoga teaching as a main stream career path and facilitate them with quality education, training & guidance towards yoga teaching profession and thus introduce them to the real essence of Yoga and benefits of introducing and applying yogic practices to their lifestyle, resulting in improved life balance of an individual, hence turning up a better society.


To build a society free from hefty costs of medicines and empowering individuals to become happier and healthier by introducing Yoga as an integral part of their lifestyle.


  • To spread the goodness of Yoga and Holistic health to people.
  • To make Yoga appealing to the youth thus bringing a positive change in society.
  • To create awareness that one’s health lies in his/her hands, and can lead to and achieve holistic well-being through right balance of yoga in life .
  • To take one to his/her optimal level of fitness and happiness.
  • To develop new approaches to the practice, teaching, and research of Yoga.
  • To prescribe different courses for imparting education and training in Yoga
  • To prescribe syllabus and curriculum for various Yoga education, therapy and training sessions, and program
  • To impart yoga education to poor students & youngsters especially female ones and deserving people and to make available facilities of yoga institutions, yoga centers, health centers to facilitate them make their career in the field of yoga training and teaching to convert them into a citizen with holistic health, happiness and social harmony
  • To support and promote yoga and yoga education at schools, colleges and at different educational institutional levels.