Sushama Maurya

Sushama is qualified Assistant Professor, qualification awarded by University Grant Commission (UGC –NET), India and is also a certified Yoga Teacher Level-2 & Evaluator Level-3 issued by Ministry of AYUSH Govt. of India, Master in Yoga Shastra, Post Graduate Diploma in Yogic Science, Foundation Course in Yoga , Madhyama Yoga Siksha teacher training course. She has been honored with  ‘Yoga Shri’ award by Indian Young Olympian Federation and Patanjali  College of Yoga  and Research Centre. Also, she is the  Lead Yoga Examiner under AYUSH (YCB), Govt. of India.

She is also Black Belt in Karate, Master of Art (Education), Diploma in education (D.Ed.)

Before embarking her journey with “Aarambh Yoga” to impart yoga benefits to society, she has served to various celebrities and well known personalities of different walks of life and has been working in association with various renowned institutes, corporates, schools, NGOs, gymkhanas, clubs, etc. for more than 15 years.

She takes Aarambh Yoga Institute as a medium to inspire and  encourage young generation to consider Yoga Teaching as a main stream profession, thus taking this holistic health means to every home to make it every one’s life’s integral part.

Niranjan G Gogia


Niranjan G Gogia started his journey in yoga with “The Yoga Institute”, Mumbai as a regular faculty for teacher training from 1986 , teaching Yoga Technology, philosophy and applied Yoga Psychology based on the yoga scripture such as Patanjali Yoga Sutras, d Samkhya Karika, Hatha Yoga Pradipika

He is also a visiting faculty of various Universities and renowned institutions such as Mumbai University and Somaiya College, Mumbai to teach Yoga based programs on Health Care, Stress Management, Improving Concentration and Memory. He has also visited to many countries such as Canada, Japan etc. to deliver the lectures on various topics of Yoga and Philosophy. He has written many books and Journals on Yoga Text, Samkhya Metaphysics and Practical Yoga Techniques of yoga like Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Bandhas Mudras etc.

Sanjeev Durve

SANJEEV DURVE having an Engineering background, is an entrepreneur and successfully running two manufacturing units. Classical Yoga being his passion, he not only constrained himself to physical practices but started accumulating philosophical knowledge of Yog Darshan.  In this journey, Sanjeev first completed Diploma in Yog Education from GMM securing second rank. Also his project “YOGA FOR ENTREPRENEURS “was selected as a best project for that year. He has done his M. A. (YOGSHASTRA) from Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Vishwa Vidyalaya. He has done Q CI  (level 2) and YCB (LEVEL 3). He has cleared NET examination and his percentile score in the NET Exam is 100.

Currently he is involved in preparing students for YCB exam of level 1, level 2, level 3 and UGC Net Examination.

Balkrishna Sharma

Balkrishna Sharma is practicing and teaching various forms of yoga to the people of different walks of life for more than 10 years.

His qualifications includes Certificate course in yoga, Diploma in yoga, Post-Graduate Diploma in Yogic Science as well as Diploma in Education (Ded), Diploma in Elementary Education,  Bachelor of Education (Bed). He is also having Masters in Yogashastra and  is qualified for Assistant Professor-Yoga through the NET exam by University Grant Commission (UGC).

He has also having black belt in karate (Indian Genseiryu Karate do federation).

Soundara Rajan Narayanan 

Soundara Rajan Narayanan is so enthusiastic about yoga that despite having IT background as a software engineer, he has been learning and teaching yoga for more than five years being more passionate about Shatkriyas.

His qualification includes Diploma in YTT, Diploma in Yoga Therapy and Naturopathy, MA in Yogashastra and qualified as Assistant Professor through NET exam by University Grant Commission (UGC).

Dr. Sonali Sanjeev Durve 

Dr. Sonalee Durve is MD, DGO, DFP and has been, for more than 23 years, serving as a consulting Obstetrician and Gynaecologist to various known hospitals and organisations in Maharashtra, with wide range of experience.
She is the owner and Medical Director of Omkar Maternity and Surgical Hospital, Thane., Maharashtra.
Apart from having medical background, she started her Yoga journey with Diploma in Yoga Education and is a UGC-NET Qualified in Yoga and bagged first rank in M.A. in Yogashastra.

She is also AYUSH Certified Yoga Teacher and is very enthusiastic and sincere yoga practitioner for more than five years.

Ms. Reeta Mahesh Rajak

Having a science background as in Chemistry and B.ed with teaching experience of more than 11  years, Ms. Reeta has also been teaching and learning Yoga for more than 6 years. Her yoga education includes Qualified Assistant Professor (UGC-NET), Master in Yogashastra and PG Diploma in Yogic Science apart from 1 year Teacher Training Course in yoga from The Yoga Institute.