Success Stories

Success Stories

Santhi Lakkamraju, Yoga Teacher, Hyderabad

Namaste , I have learnt so much from this course, all the faculty Sushma mam, Sanjeev sir, BalKrishna sir, Sonali mam, Reeta mam all have given their lectures very impressive. I am only not able to listen direct classes because of my job timings from recordings I got all information. Once again thank you very much Sushma mam for giving revision. Thank you very much for all the faculty members🙏🙏

Binita Mati, Yoga Instructor, Mumbai

It was a great experience during this course, under the expertise of the teachers. I got to know many issues of women like infertility, menstrual problems and many more. Also I learned YTTC,  and Garbhasanskar, prenatal & postnatal yoga asanas and holistic care. I really benefited from this course and got to share this knowledge with my students. Thank you so much Sushama ma’am 🙏 .

Ashwini Acharya, Yoga Instructor, Virar, Maharshtra

I really enjoyed the complete YTTC course… I liked the way all the teachers taught us… This course was truly very knowledgeable… I remember my first day…. And I see myself now… It’s really a very big change in my confidence level, my communication skills, my health and especially my knowledge about yoga…. And it’s all because of Aarambh Yoga Institute… Thank u so much for making me a better me…

Geetanjali Behera, Bangalore

I was searching for the pre and post natal yoga for a long time. The classes were very useful and informative. Dr. Sonalee made the concepts very clear. Sushma mam was really so cooperative and made the asanas easy with the support of the props.

Dr. Suchi Patel, Physiotherapist, Ahmedabad

Dear ma’am
About the course details and contents and management- the whole concept about pregnancy is covered very well and in detailed for those who are not from medical background as well. The management to complete the class on time is perfect and very well managed and I do appreciate that. The purpose is getting fulfilled
About Dr. Sonalee Durve- teaching medical subject to non medical people in basic language is not easy but she has made it really easy. The live examples are too good and her interpersonal relationship with others is really very good. She never gets bored with answering all questions of others. Teaching theory and making it interesting is one of the best qualities.
About Shushma ma’am-  teaching yoga online is difficult but she has made it really easy and I am impressed the way she is going on her way. Good luck ma’am and hope to have the best institute of yours in India soon. She has become my role model to learn yoga as well now. Thank you so much because of you I have gained interest in yoga .
Thank you so much  both of you.

Rambha Singh, Yoga Instructor, Dubai

I did Online Yoga Instructor YCB level 1 & 2 exam preparation with Sushma Ma’am, Aarambh Yoga Institute. The course was very well structured and the right amount of detail was provided to us at every step of the journey.

Sayli Mulay, Yoga Instructor, Pune

Had a wonderful experience during the PPYG  (Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar) course. Right from the admission processes to conducting exam everything is systematically arranged.

Deepali Joglekar, Yoga Instructor, Mumbai

I joined Aarambh Yoga Institute for Teachers Training Course in August 2018….The course covered the syllabus of QCI level 1 and 2. I have done power yoga teacher training course and Antenatal and postnatal course with them. I am still with them and now doing YCB level 3.
The teachers in the institute like Sushama ma’am, are  excellent..Their teaching method is very good that We could easily understand the subject.. Sushama mam is taking  practical session too..eg Shatkriya, pranayam, asanas in very nice manner..She makes sincere efforts to improve our postures and teaching skills.
Thank you ma’am for building confidence in me..

Manasa Shastry, Bangalore

I attended the PPYG course in the month of June-July (Batch 12) and I must say that it was the best thing that happened to me in my Yoga career. I, now have a guide in Sushama ma’am to help me advance in this field and Dr. Sonalee to always go back to for any clarification/doubts.

Dr. Sonalee’s classes are always enriching and with her years of experience she brings in real case scenarios for all those complications that can arise during the pregnancy, delivery and post pregnancy stages. She will teach you how to handle the queries, when to guide the ladies to the doctor and how to give solutions to these complications.

Sushama ma’am with her calm and peaceful outlook brings a wholistic approach to the practices guiding the yoga practitioner to another level during the practice. I have managed to remember all the little instructions that she has taught in the class for us to apply on our students.

I am always grateful for both of them for imparting the knowledge and guiding us in this path. Would suggest all those reading this comment to at least enroll in one of Aarambh Yoga Institute’s courses for you to be able to experience their level of involvement in these courses and be rest assured they will always be there to guide you to better your career and practice.

Manoj Tapare, Assistant Professor, Chemical Science, Pune

PPYG  (Prenatal Postnatal Yoga and Garbhasanskar) Course was wonderful course. I enjoyed it and learned many things related to pregnancy.

Sonali mam conducted very detailed sessions on pregnancy. Her command on the subject is admirable. I Salute to her efforts for presenting pregnancy in modern perspective and aurveda perspective.

Sushma mam, is a silent and calm personally. I liked her calm, stable and confident way of asana demonstration. She has Kharg-voice, which has very calming effect on body and mind. I enjoyed her pranayma and yognidra session. Her mastery over APMB is overwhelming.

This 40 hours course have given me broad view on prenatal & postnatal yoga. It will help me in my professional life. Thank you both of you and support team.

I am also thankful to all the participants because of you this course happened and successfully completed too.

Manoj Tapare

Priya Bijutkar, Yoga Teacher, Mumbai

It is rightly said that, “Yoga is the art work of awareness on the canvas of body, mind, and soul.” After going to Sushama Maurya ma’am Yoga classes I developed interest in Yoga because her every session is full of enthusiasm and she is very passionate. Her way of teaching is very graceful. I love her “सात्विक” voice which makes me feel calm & energised after every session

Surekha Harmalkar, Yoga Teacher, Mumbai

Hello everyone,

I was always inclined towards sports ,but never thought of joining a fitness industry.
I have completed one year with Aarambh Yoga Institute and its been a wonderful experience being associated with them.
When I joined my body was so rigid and it was very difficult to perform simple asanas because of my severe spine injury.Then with the help of Sushama ma’am I worked on my strength n stamina.
Sushama ma’am is well versed with her subject and has immense knowledge about yoga.
Feels so blessed to be part of Aarambh Yoga Institute.Completed my TTC course this year and looking forward for more ones.

Roshni Panchal, Yoga Instructor, Virar, Maharshtra

I joined Aarambh Yoga 3 months ago and since then I have always enjoyed it. It is really appreciable how ma’am always tries to explain us about yoga and teach us in the easiest way possible.
Learning yoga here is not only studies but also fun. The way she teaches and also helps us with guest lecturers is really nice.
I’m really glad that I came to know about this class and I joined it
Thank you ma’am for giving me this opportunity to learn under your guidance.

Priyanka Mahtre, Yoga Teacher, Mumbai

I got reference from senior teacher for QCI level -2 exam and I approached Aarambh Yoga Institute. When I met Sushama madam, she politely described me about class routine and course. I started my journey in Aarambh Yoga Institute, teaching method is so unique that she describe every topic very easily to students as well as she work on our flexibility and sharpness in asanas.
When I joined Aarambh Yoga Institute, I realized that teaching technique are better and they insist on perfection, it gave me confidence to complete my yoga teacher and evaluator course. thanks a lot to all institute members.

Now a days even everything is in lockdown, she is conducting online classes very effectively.
I am very happy and satisfied with my teacher and Aarambh Yoga Institute

Trupti Desai, Yoga Teacher, Mumbai

My journey so far with aarambh yoga institute has been splendid. Before joining this institute in Nov ’19, yoga was mearly Asans and Pranayam for me. Thanks to Sushama Madam, I understood the real philosophy of yoga. My perspective towards life got changed. Thank you for all your efforts. Wish threefold success for this institute.

Ruchita D. Ghorpade

I would like to thank you Sushama ma’am for taking my Qci teachers training course and power yoga teachers training course, I had an great experience with you thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us especially I improved my asana’s and yes kriya’s too, thank you for supporting and encouraging each of your students thank you for sharing deep knowledge in the feild of yoga. Thank you for guiding me till date. I would like to suggest AARAMBH institute to get deep and accurate knowledge in the feild of yoga.

Ruchita .D. Ghorpade

Smita Vikhare

Aarambh yoga is very good institute to learn about yoga . Sushama mam explain theory very nicely till our doubts not cleared . Practical session were oussom. Every instructions were very clear and communication is healthy.I am glad to be a part of Aarambh yoga .
Thank you Sushama mam

Deepti Jain


Prof. Sushama, was my practical Teacher in the Antenatal, postnatal and Garbhasanskar-six week duration course. I met with her in Jan’20, and must say, She is a subject matter expert.

Her knowledge about traditional texts i.e., Hathayogapradipika, Gheranda Samhita and Upanishads, impressed and inspires me to learn more about yoga.

She is always been a helping hand, whenever I have any query. I would definitely recommend that everyone must learn from her about various yogic techniques and practices

Deepti Jain

Radha Khare, Yoga Teacher, Mumbai / Co-Founder - Yoga For Inner Peace

I have been preparing for my QCI certification with Sushama ma’am of Aarambh Yoga Institute since December 2019.

Sushama ma’am teaching is comprehensive. Her focus is on student’s learning the extensive theoretical literature captured in scriptures. In the spirit of imparting comprehensive knowledge,

Sushama ma’am also invites other experts to teach various aspects ranging from anatomy to shatkriyas.

Sushama ma’am balances the preparation for examination with building base of her students. Her course is full of tests and presentations which ensure that we spend adequate time on learning.

As a practitioner of Yoga for last ten years, this strong grounding in the theory helps me understand and enhance my practice. I would highly recommend her to my friends and peer group.

Sheetal Shah

Aarambh Yoga is one of the excellent institute for the ones who want to pursue career in the field of yoga and also for the ones who want to enhance their knowledge for self development. With the faculties who are profound in their domains, teachings are made simple yet effective. Prudence of Prof. Sushama Ma’am is commendable.

Sheetal Shah
Former student.

Richa Sahai

Hii I am sending you the testimony

Myself Richa Sahai I am a Yoga Mentor I joined Aarambh Yoga in the year 2019 for Teachers training course.. I had wonderful experience with Sushama Mam.. During the couse She gave us each and every possible information regarding the course and practice sessions were also very good… She helped each and every student to bring the best in them by motivating them…
I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.. God bless her with more and more success in her life…

Love and Light

Ilesh Purohit

When your breath is short, your chest feels tight, and your shoulders are locked in place somewhere around your ears, Aarambh yoga is there to help you recalibrate.
The best thing I like about Ms Dipali n I forgot name of second one as a Yoga teacher n instructor is so humble to teach each n every Aasana,
Also speak in a regular voice. You don’t velvetize it. Neither sugar coat it.
So a big thank you.
I’m humbled and grateful.


It’s rightly said we can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace within ourselves…. And that’s when yoga comes into picture
My experience with aarambh yoga and sushma mam was amazing.The way she use to teach the aasans was something I have always look after. Yoga has benefitted me in several ways..
Most importantly it has help me to obtain my inner peace, I have become more flexible and feel more energetic after every session.
Through aarambh yoga I have learnt one thing which is dont practice yoga to get better at yoga bt practice yoga to get better at living after all that’s matters the most
My sincere thanks to Aarambh yoga and Sushama mam.

Manju Goud

I have been a student of AARAMBH YOGA INSTITUTE for approximately 6 months Prior to that time, I had taken a few yoga classes. Sushama mam is an excellent teacher as she is always patient and helpful. The classes are a perfect balance of contemplation and physical challenges. Sushama mam always makes a point to guide her students to insure proper alignment and also encourages a steady progression to new, different and more difficult poses.

M always greatful of sushama mam…..you always appreciate your students your are mine roll model.
I wanted to become patient like you.

Namita Parulekar

I had a great experience with Aarambh yoga. I came across things which I never knew or experienced before. Both the teachers, Prof.Sushama Maurya and Dr.Nutan Pakhare were extremely cooperative and friendly. I would definitely recommend this course to all.

Tripti Sarmalkar

Hi, I have been student of Ms. Sushama Maurya from Aarambh Yoga since more than 6months.
I must say that my learning since then has been immensely enriched with all aspects of Yoga- the detailed theory: the sutras, the upnishads, the Yama and Niyamas. Also her attention to detail of Yoga postures has enhanced my knowledge which I have been then able to pass on to my students.
I appreciate not just her knowledge but also her zeal and endeavor to ensure I become a better teacher of Yoga.
A special mention towards knowledge and practice that she ensured for Shat Kriya has been a big value add to me as a Yoga practitioner.
She practices great deal of preparation before each class and ensures that I am also well prepared to attend.
I am confident that her knowledge and teaching would make me a better Yoga teacher.
My best wishes and gratitude would always remain.

Uma Bhagwat

मेरा अनुभव आरंभ योगा में पढ़ने का बहुत अच्छा रहा। वहां अनुशासन था, हमारी मैडम भी उसी का एक उदाहरण थी। यहां आने से मेरी सोच में,मेरी लाइफ में बदलाव आया है।


Aarambh yoga is an institute which provides right knowledge , correct guidance n friendly atmosphere, trains each n every student n guide them accordingly… Sushamaji herself is a dedicated n motivational teacher ….I am thankful to b a part of Aarambh yoga !!!!

Tripti Pandya

I have given Qci level 1 exam from Aayush ministry.
I was already taking yoga classes after I did teacher’s training course from ” The Yoga institute ” Santacruz. But this exam of aayush ministry helped me really good as gaining more knowledge, more confidence and more clients.
I took coaching for same in Aarambh Yoga institute through Sushama mem. It’s was so amazing experience with her. Very glad that got chance to learn from her. She teaches with so much perfection. Also takes exam which gives a lot of confidence for aayush ministry exam. Teaches Theory, practical and shuddhi kriya. Each and everything from syllabus. Thanks for all her efforts on us.
Trupti Pandya

Ajay Mehra / General Manager - AIM WORLDWIDE PVT. Ltd

Our experience with Aarambh yog session has been very good and the team customized session as per student requirements is a usp which can be counted on.

I personally will like to keep receiving the guidance from Aarambh yog for maintenance of my health.

Thanks Ms. Sushama for your support.

Chhaya Chheda

Hello Sushama maam…..
Hope you are fine….
I am really missing advance yoga classes…..It was a true pleasure learning advance yoga at Arambha yoga….
It has helped me to strengthen my weak muscles as well as increased my endurance….Hope we start soon with a bang after the lock down gets over…..
Thankyou very much for everything

Amrapali Sharma

Magic with Sushama

I, Amrapali Sharma, am a Special Education Teacher in Ontario, Canada. I had a great learning experience with Sushama ji. As a recovering cancer patient, I really needed to get back in shape after my Chemo-related weight gain. We would have a Yoga Session everyday on WhatApp. I learnt so much from her. Her manner is very calming and I could feel the connection even though I was in Canada and she was in India. I wish her all the best and hope that she continues to help in the healing journey of others like she helped with mine. For more information you can find me on Facebook-Amrapali Sharma, Twitter-Amrapali@BramaleaDD & Instagram-AmrapaliSharma13

Chaya Kedia

The training with “aarambhyoga” was very Challenging not only because I learned so much about Yoga it was also a life experience..The standard of teaching was so polished and the course was brilliantly put together.. I felt truely transformed …
Also reminded me how to go on living the right way by being in union with the world but mostly with myself…. Teacher training taught me to look forward to every yoga pose, every breath, every day, every person, and every moment.”

Satyam Tiwari

I did my power yoga Teacher’s training Course from Aarambh Yoga.Learning experiance is unforgatable. Well designed programs and beautifully explained by sushama ma’am about asana. Every doubt cleared by mam. I feel more confidence with knowledge i have got here. Thank You So much Sushama Ma’am.