Yoga Classes


Regular Yoga

It is a regular yoga practice of Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation & relaxation to promote positive health & harmony through creating balance, strength, flexibility & relaxation to the body & mind. Observe the soothing and subtle effects of yoga and transform to a person free from limitations.

Advance Yoga

Advance Yoga comprises of regular yoga practices to intermediate stage where one can better learn about Asanas and final postures of advance Asana like Sirsasana, Mayurasana, Bakasana, Vrichikasana and many more. One will learn many preparatory asanas also in the journey of advanced yoga practices. To learn this practioner should not have any major physical or mental illness. With the implementation of Advanced Yoga one can witness the changes that happen inside his/her nature, in terms of clarity of thought, faith and simplicity in your personality.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is a regular yoga practice of vigorous fitness-based approach to Yoga to improve strength, flexibility, stamina, body toning. It also promotes blood circulation and boosts the immune system.
Classically trained in an ancient Power Yoga tradition, Aarambh Yoga provides the training in an accessible and down-to-earth manner and with the necessary discipline. Live what you preach is the motto, the body is an expression of our inner being.

Society Yoga

Society Yoga is aimed to use the wellness of yoga to enable our society towards healthier individuals with the practice of yoga. This is conducted in the society for their members and with their families. It will save one's travel time and maintain regular fitness in the most comfortable environment. The main aim is to help society members achieve holistic health at there place.

Partner Yoga

Partner yoga enables for a more stronger and flexible body, a deeper connection, and understanding with partner with lots of fun. The objective is to extend yoga practice with Asanas and poses to compliment each other to maintain proper body alignment and deepen trust, communication, and bonding physically and mentally both.


Aarambh Yoga conducts workshops in schools, colleges, institutes and offices etc. We address different types of workshops based on requirements such as yoga for physical fitness & mental well-being, yoga for better immunity, yoga for diabetics, yoga for stress management, restorative yoga for relaxation which release tension and improve productivity .

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga is Yoga Workshops and programs especially for corporates one can opt for yoga workshop or regular Yoga for a group with the sole aim to increase health awareness and help unlock your true potential with the help of Yoga. It includes office yoga, chair yoga, wellness program, customized yoga program, five-minute yoga breaks to de-stress & refresh, etc.